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Tired of a dated website on the 25th page of search results?
Are you failing to convert website visitors to customers?
Experient Media expands your online personality or brand.

We're happy to act as hands-off consultants or provide a la carte services like SEO help for an existing website. We also offer full project management for start-ups or established brands needing a facelift.

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About Us

Est. 2013

Experient Media serves clients in a variety of industries ranging from the health industry to retail establishements—as well as a niche service for private practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

I like what I'm seeing so far. What happens after I contact you?

We collectively discuss your goals (for free) before crafting a personalized and honest proposal outlining costs, deliverables and any timelines. Your needs might require a consultation, specific service or full project management.

It looks like you offer a ton of services. In a nutshell, what do you really provide?

We help individuals and companies improve their online presence through modern web design, progressive search engine optimization and targeted marketing strategies. Things like graphic design and copywriting play an important role, of course, but the big-picture idea is to create a great website and ensure people find your brand. We're happy to provide advice or alternatively lend expertise to one piece of the puzzle. Better yet, let us play micromanager from beginning to end for a new website launch or brand refresh.

Do you have hypothetical examples of projects tailor-made for Experient Media?

Sure thing! Here's two:
1. Imagine you're a photographer ready to gain exposure. We can setup a website, help people find your awesome work, and convert them to a paying customer or client.
2. Or you're a business owner, but are having trouble monetizing a product. We can provide some SEO or copywriting advice, or perhaps take a bigger role and design a mobile-friendly website with compelling call-to-actions and the best online marketing techniques around.

Wait a minute... Where is your portfolio?

We provide a portfolio to qualified inquiries upon request. Most of our client relationships are referral-based, so we're rarely selling Experient Media to people who aren't already well aware of our work.

I need help, but am on a budget. Do you have a price list for services?

We treat every potential client as a unique opportunity. Web design—even without added services like SEO and marketing—widely varies from project to project and we want to provide a transparent, reasonable and personalized project estimate to every relationship that really touches on your specific goals. We'll put an amazing proposal together after an initial call that's much better than a run-of-the-mill price list.

Contact Us

Experient Media is nimble and well-traveled with a physical presence in both Asheville, NC and the East Coast of Florida. We also love any excuse for a trip and visit clients on both sides of the Atlantic. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or to schedule a free chat via phone, Skype or in person—regardless of your locale.

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